Harborside Market


The rhythmic rise and fall of the deck underfoot as the bow cuts through waves.
The warmth of the sun on your face as it sets.
The spirit-refreshing smell of the pure lake air as the dock disappears in the distance.
The taste of coffee as the sun rises over the docks,
the sound of water lapping the hull and the sound of laughter traveling across the water.

These are only a few of the shared sensations boaters yearn for and dream of even when away from the water. But the lake life that so dependably rejuvenates and relaxes is much more than the senses sparked from guiding a craft toward sun, carefree times and favorite fishing spots.

The lake life is a full and gratifying lifestyle – a quiet cottage, a comfortable chair and even an exhilarating boat ride. And that’s where Harborside Market comes in. This section of the Novi Boat Show offers an exciting experience – one where you can connect with other lake-life enthusiasts and transport yourself to a boater’s shopping wonderland reminiscent of destinations like Charlevoix, Mackinac Island and Saugatuck.


    • Apparel & footwear
    • Décor & Artwork
    • Furniture – Indoor and Outdoor
  • Paddle Sports – canoe, kayak, paddle board
  • DIY Seminars
  • Cocktails & Food!

Daily Giveaways!

  • Chic nautical Tote Bag
  • Travel Pet Water Bottle
  • Wine Tote
  • Marine Sunglass Strap and Glasses Cleaner

Paint A Paddle Workshop

  • Create your own nautical artwork to display in your home. Be creative with pattern, use school colors, write your navigational coordinates or last name to decorate a 4′ paddle that will hang beautifully in the space of your choosing. The first 25 people to the Paint a Paddle Workshop each day will receive a free paddle, after which the paddle workshop cost is $5 per paddle.